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Harmonic rotation of a stock

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Hi there Krushna123, welcome.

I'm not familiar with harmonic rotations but, if what you say is true (i.e. that it is mostly calculated from market profile data) then you would not be able to calculate it just from candlestick charts data. You would need volume traded at each price for that stock too.

Hope my answer makes sense.

Thank you xplorer.
The reason I want to study about Harmonic Rotation is because I am a discretionary trader using Lance Beggs approach. Have been trading for some time. My biggest drawback is I cant see market going against me even a little bit. That obvioulsly happens for almost all the trades and I panic and either exit half or full, only to see many times my earlier position ending in profit. In those trades where I am courageous enough to hold on to it even if price is moving against me, I do well. So basically what I need here is some sort of Indiactor which would give me my SL depending on the noise in that stock, so mostly my trade management would be calmer and I would be able to think properly while I am in a trade. Please suggest something on this line.

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