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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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Perhaps they have adapted to the feedback they have received and instead of being the jack of all, are trying to focus on what they can understand and can teach better.


That is why I find your views a bit perplexing.

You are so perplexed simply because as some other people you don't mind being lied to. I love watching news and have noticed that in some countries apparently people are conditioned in a way that allows them to replace facts with believes, to have many contradicting "truths" at once, and generally accept any lie if it is convenient to them.
I'll give you a simple logical chain that should say all that is necessary to anyone who values common sense, thou I know that nothing in the world will convince you. I'll do that not for your sake but for the sake of others:
1. You seem to agree that L2ST, despite their claims, are incompetent in parts of what they used to teach people-- e.g. in NLP and scalping DOM (you stated that after the feedback they have reduced the spectrum of their educational program to "what they can understand").
2. L2ST used to sell for relatively big money courses on the subjects that by your own admission they know little about and certainly can not educate others. (Now, most people would stop right here and forget about paying a dime to such teachers, but lets go one more step)
3. What is left in their education that you find to be still of value will require paying for 6 months in a row without really being able to verify this education is worth anything. If you, in violation of L2ST recommendations, start to trade sooner than 6 months and lose all money -- you can not blame them, can you? Could they finish your "education" sooner? Yes, but it is less profitable for 2 reasons one is obvious and another is psychological - it is hard to accept that you were a sucker after wasting half a year of your life and a small fortune on B.S.. A lot of people will double down in such circumstances and will pay for "advanced" or "one-on-one" lessons. Sounds familiar?

So what do we have-- teachers that do not mind to defraud you by selling NLP hypnosis and force you to attend for six months before you are able to begin evaluating their approach.

You said that you keep trading despite their strong suggestion, so let me ask you again : please post your statement here so that we could see that you are truly making progress. It will not harm you in any way, so why do you keep avoiding this simple request.

P.S. I expected that after watching provided by me L2ST webinars and listening to their very funny meditation you would honestly describe those here for other users sake. But since it is unlikely to happen, I am offering everyone interested to watch and judge for themselves. Just PM me and I'll supply you with all of L2ST production