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Tell me about internet speed

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So let us say I choose a good server, this would mean that the only thing I need to worry about is my own connection to that server, meaning domestic internet service provider connection speed?

What I don't get is you have to take care of that internationally, let us say your ISP hosts in Frankfurt, do you worry about your connection to just Frankfurt or do you worry about your connection internationally to the Chicago server?

I'm assuming most ISP's have top level international speeds meaning all you have to pay for and sort out would be the local connection to "Frankfurt" right? sorry if that sounds kinda dumb haha.

Short version:
donít worry, just start trading with what you have. But make sure you can call your broker to close / manage your positions if the internet goes down. If it goes down often, work on that rather than speed / latency.

Long version:
I donít really worry about any of that. As long as my own internet connection is stable enough to log in to the remote session and look at the chart, I am happy. Often I even use the cellular internet for that. For me the big advantage of the Server solution is knowing that my own internet wonít be able to impact orders in a negative way. Meaning itís the most stable solution I could come up with.

And stability / access to the market and your orders is really the only thing you should care about as retail trader.
Many traders have backup-internet connections, backup-electricity to keep their computer and internet running and all those things to maintain a stable connection. I rather not invest in all that stuff at home (this limiting myself to trade from home) but rather get a similar level of stability from the remote solution.

But I should also mention that before this setup Ichave trades with regular internet connection for years and I had no major issues, except for a few missed sessions when the connection was spotty & I didnít want to trade.

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