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Tell me about internet speed

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I have my trading platform on a server from @sam028. The server is located In Chicago & has incredible uptime reliability. So once I have submitted my order with stops and targets on the server, I am not worrying at all about my internet connection going down.

While I have latency from Germany to the server, that doesnít affect my orders in any way, as I usually donít try to enter at the market. Stops are then submitted at the local latency of the server, which for all intents and purposes is next to zero.

While it costs me some $ every month, I donít need to worry about connectivity AT ALL, wherever I am trading from, which alone makes it worth every penny imho. The better spot in the market queue when my stop is triggered is a nice add-on.

So let us say I choose a good server, this would mean that the only thing I need to worry about is my own connection to that server, meaning domestic internet service provider connection speed?

What I don't get is you have to take care of that internationally, let us say your ISP hosts in Frankfurt, do you worry about your connection to just Frankfurt or do you worry about your connection internationally to the Chicago server?

I'm assuming most ISP's have top level international speeds meaning all you have to pay for and sort out would be the local connection to "Frankfurt" right? sorry if that sounds kinda dumb haha.

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