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Tell me about internet speed

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Tell me about internet speed

So my plan is to trade on the CBOT from Australia, these are probably my main questions.. I'm no tech.

- I only have to worry about my domestic connection right? once the data reaches Sydney it goes international onto the servers of my data provider, is that correct or am I mistaken?

- What kind of speeds should I be looking into, how do I measure them and who can provide them?

- Is it logical to scalp international markets or should I stick to the Sydney futures exchange?

I'm not going for a HFT dynamic in any sense, I'm a human trader with a human dynamic so I automatically have roughly 500ms of latency anyway.

A quote from CQG..

"For CME products you will be subject to geographical latency from our data centre in Sydney which is located at the ALC( ASX) The latency between Chicago and Sydney is approximately 350ms round trip. Your latency form Brisbane to Sydney will be about 5 to 10 ms.

Your connection point for market data will be in Sydney."

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