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Life Without Trading

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Pay off your debt and save. Stay active in the markets everyday with paper or marking buy and sell on your chart. Developing winning strategies with a positive expectancy. When you have enough saved, you can then decide what you want to do with it.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. When you heard someone say pay off your debts it's an eye opener. My situation is by no means extreme but it's sound advice, I'll have achieved at least that part soon.


Thanks very much for the input. You make some great points. To clarify some things though, it wasn't the stress of losing the money that made me quit. I had no other funds to commit to the market after that so naturally had to stop. What was causing stress though was that with such a small account every tick has a big impact, so I felt like I couldn't get enough of a track record of trades to know if I was making progress and ultimately, was finding the impending drawdown of the account stressful.

With regard to self worth, your point is entirely logical. I guess trading has woven it's way deeper at this point than just money. I originally set out because I wanted an extra income stream to guard against my main career ever going south, since then it's become such a journey that theres a lot more to it.

Of course, trading is about making money, thats the objective but it isn't having stacks of money that motivates me now. Really it's achieving something (that a lot of people can't achieve) that I set out to do.

Thanks again for the input.


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