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Life Without Trading

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Life Without Trading

Hi Everyone,

About three months ago I stopped trading. I did it because I'd ran my account down over the course of a year. It wasn't a surprise - the account was only $1100. I was trading Order Flow off the Tape using Jigsaw Tools following a combination of john Grady's techniques in the treasuries and along with dabbling with some other things when I didn't have time to trade the US session.

Heres a synopsis of the problems I found:

1. I was silly to think I could make such a small account work. I ignored all the advice and of course it came back to roost!

2. I found it really, really hard to balance time to trade and family/work life. Having essentially the very early morning or late evening UK time I found tricky to get decent markets.

3. A lack of continuity in the market meant I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I found it slow to learn new strategies, yet reluctant to change in fear of just being another method hunter.

4. After being interested in trading since 2008, periods of intense work ethic yet a lack of evident progress had me emotionally beat up.

I felt that I left the market at a time where a number of cool things were happening. Jigsaw seems to go from strength to strength with their software and educational materials and I discovered a few people who talk a lot of sense and appeal to my sense of how markets operate, after many years of breaking through the BS.

Three months on I realised I've filled the void of learning trading by trying to find something else. I looked into Ecommerce, Amazon you name it. I have no appetite after about 5 minutes of research though as I just miss trading.

I'm 34, have a family and a life I'm really happy with. That said, I underestimated how much the journey of becoming a trader means to me. I'm not looking to make 7 figures overnight, I'm looking to make good on a promise I made myself and satisfy my own sense of self worth that I can do it. The problem, is funds.

I stopped trading because I realised that while I have consumer debt and money going out faster than it comes in, I can't spare cash for trading, it just becomes stressful. So we've embarked on a plan to pay off all our debt (just about there) and get to a point where I can save for a decent account. It'll be a while, but the thinking is that when I've saved that money it'll be solely for trading and itll be enough of an account to warrant a decent stab at the game and allow enough trades to get a decent data set of performance.

My big question to you guys I guess is if I'm just being stupid. Has this become an emotional journey I need to let go, or am I being mature about the endeavour by putting us in a good position to be able to cultivate success. I love the journey of trading, I've learned so much about myself, so much about the world, so much about markets. If I could get there one day and earn a bit of consistency, it'll be a dream come true for sure.

So there it is, all on the line? I respect the opinion of the membership here - so look forward to any and all comments.


P.S I keep track of my trading journal on a blog where I expanded on my situation. I'm genuinely not trying to plug it here (I only keep it for my own sense of writing enjoyment) but if anyone wants to read it to offer advice I'll happily link it, if its permitted.

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