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So what exactly moves the market again?

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@Revan I find being able to read both together to provide superior insight then either in isolation. That is basically why i made my own software and what is shows me. Right, the problem with attempting to just read the depth is that it is very micro scale and it can be faked or simply highly volatile due to changing conditions: the orders cannot be faked but if you don't have the depth you are only seeing part of the picture. Even though the depth can be faked, I find it to be useful too.

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So it seems like the depth is a pretty good tool for speculation, in a way you can actually see the order prints within the depth itself, just inversed and mixed with people pulling/placing their limit orders.

What benefits do you find in reading the order print columns? personal preference? alot of these newer DOMs are super nice with all the order columns but apparently a fair few prop guys made their money on TT X_trader not all that long ago.

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