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Which Data Feeds / platforms support MBO Data?

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Thanks, this is an interesting discussion.

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I am sure something like this would work best on an optimized custom platform, maybe not at the FPGA level yet, but to get the full benefit of this type of data feed, the platform would need to be a little faster than most retail platforms.

I wouldn't be much help with a full open source platform.

Unfortunately, that's something that hundreds have tried to open source (search github) and dozens have to commercialize (e.g. Quantopian), and it's a competitive space with little room for differentiation.

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There are definitely performance and speed thresholds that most people in retail trading will never get passed

It's actually very possible to overcome the performance and speed limitations of the current retail offerings.

But I think what would really benefit retail users is ease of use and performance + pricing transparency.

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Obviously I don't think most people on here, including myself, would fully have a line of sight on what all would be needed to get something like this off of the ground. But if you would be willing to point us in the right direction,

As @addchild mentioned, the key issue is the financial barrier to entry. A 1 year commitment to provide a data service better than IQF will cost $130k+ in hosting and licensing costs, up to $36k in insurance and legal costs, and while it can be a part time endeavor, at least 3 man months of time from a developer who quadruples as a sales, web development and support person. It's at least $230k. My barrier to entry is probably half of that since I already have most of the above, but it's still a sizable endeavor.

The technical difficulty is mostly one of

i. stability - what server architecture and application design will keep high % uptime, followed by
ii. scalability - how can your software handle hundreds of concurrent connections over WAN, and finally
iii. the messaging architecture between the colo facility and your public gateway - which could be the same host, but that's probably undesirable.

The typical retail options, to their credit, seem to have put some consideration into the first two issues, but not the third. You mentioned Continuum for example, which already pays significant latency and throughput cost because of their protobuf serialization layer. I wouldn't design something like that.

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