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Which Data Feeds / platforms support MBO Data?

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charlotte nc
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Thank you for offering this, even if this is a long shot, I think this would be a great value. I genuinely believe there would be significant interest from the community here, provided there was proper education and everyone understood what this could possibly mean for their trading.

I am sure something like this would work best on an optimized custom platform, maybe not at the FPGA level yet, but to get the full benefit of this type of data feed, the platform would need to be a little faster than most retail platforms. I could envision a small group of those of us interested, working to build something, or re-purpose an existing custom platform for this.

There are definitely performance and speed thresholds that most people in retail trading will never get passed, but something like this, combined with an optimized custom platform would be a great option, for those that want more.

Obviously I don't think most people on here, including myself, would fully have a line of sight on what all would be needed to get something like this off of the ground. But if you would be willing to point us in the right direction, I would definitely try to drum up the interest in the project.

I think getting 60 people would be possible provided everyone clearly understood the value.



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By the way, I have a decent architecture for distributing MBO over WAN but I don't pay the $96k per year for the licensing rights to distribute the data realtime. If there's enough interest for it, I'm happy to distribute it at-cost for the community. I have thought of this idea before, but back of the envelope suggests that I need at least 60 subscribers to breakeven at IQFeed-like rates.

I do have the licensing rights to distribute the historical market data, but don't think that's of much use unless you have your own custom platform and are already connected to CME and just need backfill.

For full disclosure, I'm not a vendor and make no revenues selling data, just mentioning this out here in case there's interest to come up with something together as a community.

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