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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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You are getting there, i can feel it, but let me help you just a bit more:
I do not reject neither Brett's bloody approach nor NLP/meditation. In fact I quit smoking in one day using NLP(that is after more than 20 years of habit) and never suffered even a second. And never paid a penny for it.
I am sure that Brett's method works and I consider him to be the best at the trade, but there are other less dramatic ways.
My "beef' with Kam is mostly because he is a lier, because he claims to be what he is not, because he charges money from desperate people for the services he can not possibly provide and that is fraud.
Now about your criteria for a decent trading teacher: you missed one important -- honesty! What you did not miss is all good, but ask yourself is there an acting trading room that does not meet easily all of these 3 qualities you mentioned? I can name you a few hundred just from memory... Woodie's club is clearly one of them, it is free and is definitely more trustworthy.
What is the purpose of being in the room? To pick up and exploit the signals without understanding how are they generated? Or to learn how to generate the signals and manage a trade? What is really worth paying for?
You mentioned FT71, he is good. there is Falcrum Trader, Discovery Group and many many other real traders, so look around


I have not any of his older videos as yet, but in the trading room, the focus is entirely on explaining how the signals are being generated. He talks in detail about what to look for in order flow to have confidence in the reversal (pre-trade action, post-trade action, follow through etc.), apart from of course the regions where MP suggests we are likely to see responsive activity.

They had an after-market seminar today (on the importance of having a business plan for your trading business) and there Brian did seem to mention that they are focusing primarily on MP based trades on a few set of instruments, and rarely do they talk about scalping any more. Kam has mentioned short term scalping software like FuturesScalper but that seems to be something on the side and not something they discuss. He also refers to CTI data once in a while; I think Kam gets it for the YM, and he tries to keep an eye on what the commercials are doing.

Perhaps they have adapted to the feedback they have received and instead of being the jack of all, are trying to focus on what they can understand and can teach better.

I have not been too many trading rooms so I do not have a lot of experience to fall back upon; however from the little I have seen, these guys are providing a structural framework for traders to develop. Though I have learnt a lot from FT71 etc., I do feel that purely from a technical basis, Kam has helped me refine the methodology into something which I am gradually feeling more confident in executing.

That is why I find your views a bit perplexing.

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