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where to , to learn how to scalp the ES ?

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Hey there. I've found it very helpful to trading using value area. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give you links to sites and specific traders. The strategy should be using with TICKS, UP volume/Down Volume, and Advance/Decline lines.

Up/Down volume could give tell you whether or not the indexes are more bullish or bearish throughout the day. That tells you if you have a better chance of trading long or short.

Ticks can tell you the same thing. Are ticks building positive or negative. If futures are making new highs and ticks are not, that's a sign that price could come down soon. Note that it doesn't always happen like that. You have to take a huge sample of trades.

Value Area is used with market profile. I'm not good at reading the market profile, but I use value area. You could see it as support/resistance. There are much more detailed explanations on value area though. If ES opens above value, and bullish, your long trade should be as close to value area high as possible. Breaking through value, would stop you out. That's an example of a setup I would say.

If it opens within value, you usually trade later than earlier in the session. Wait and see if futures are trying to break below value area or above. You could buy value area low, or sell short value area high. Of course you want markets to be bullish when buying and bearish when selling. Breaking above or below should stop you out And have you looking for trades in the direction that price broke out of.

This was a very quick explanation. I hope you could find more information similar to this.

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