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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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He wants you to sim-trade during the first six months with active journaling on both the technical and psychological aspect of the trades. This follows from his beliefs that it takes some time to rewire your brain to what come's naturally i.e. taking quick short profits but hoping that the losers become profitable. Repeated success with a system (in sim) helps builds the confidence you need to stick to it when it is real money at stake. I have not seen or experienced anything yet which would suggest that that his approach is not valid.

That is the impression I have too. That the basic technical understanding is good and for some one who is not familiar with understanding order-flow and market-profile, his approach is quite good. For some one who already understands those aspects very well, of course it is 15 minutes stuff as you say. But for those who do not understand those aspects well or a beginner it is a good lesson. Definitely worth spending a month or two understanding.

I think this is a much better information/criticism. I will keep that in mind when I review the stuff.

In his room scalping is not something he talks about in any significant way. His focus primarily has been on identifying a couple of scenarios which are likely to happen pre-market, then observing order-flow to confirm that the market is responding in the expected way or not, and accordingly adapting the trading plan with well defined exit points. It has a very strong and clean focus on using very short time-frame order flow information to confirm the larger time-frame hypothesis built upon volume and market profiles.

BTW I found the videos on youtube also.
YouTube - learn2stocktrade's Channel

Brian the second speaker, talks a lot about shorter term balances, retracements etc. and how to build and monitor expectations around shorter term market action within the backdrop of the longer term perspective.

I am not sure I have watched all the DOM stuff yet, but from whatever little I have watched, there have been certain specifics which do help provide the clues you would need a more systematic scalping strategy.

From your words, it does seem that you are a successful trader and the issues which Kam is trying to address are not something you need help with. I think that is great.

Well, just be careful and think again before pulling out your credit card to pay him once again. And since you found at least some use to my last post, I'll expand one thought a bit.
You see, awhile ago I came to a discovery: the trading related psychological issues are not separate and unique to trading only, but are quite common in all other aspects of human lives. We just don't pay them as much attention when they do not seemingly cause so big of a problem (note I said "seemingly"). So I decided to study what is out there to help, and was pleasantly surprised at variety of different methods and techniques. (Even NLP stands for hundreds of different teachings) Unfortunately most of them unproven, created by people uneducated in the field and never seriously studied by anyone. Nevertheless I tried most of them and found that there is much truth in the Sedona method approach : in short the more energy and time you invest into fighting your emotion (doesn't matter which way you do it) the harder it gets. Such unskillful practitioners as this Kam are very dangerous not because they can harm us by their hypnosis or as you call it rewiring (just think about it, if it were true, you are allowing unlicensed unethical uneducated "doctor" to "rewire" your brains) -- thanks god they hardly can do what they claim. But by constantly keeping your problem at the center of your attention. Remember how hard it is not to think about a white bear? His approach even if delivered by a professional can not work and in some cases can bring a person to a complete devastation. Bret suggests some very dramatic experiences solve emotional problems, but there are easier ways. Ways that are studied and documented btw, help that is much cheaper if not free to obtain.
Now after reading and responding to my posts can you answer two questions:
1. Have you ever experienced trance when Kam was "hypnotizing" you? Do you know someone who has?
2. If you ever heard about how hypnosis works to help let's say with smoking, you probably know that you do not need to do your rewiring for six months. In most cases 1 hour is enough. NLP became successful because they claimed and in many cases achieved complete cure of very serious lifetime fobias in a matter of minutes. That is why they called it "Programing". Installing a new program doesn't take long. So the question is have you or anyone you know were successful in "rewiring" your brain yet?
If you answer to both questions "no", as I did awhile ago than you have no choice then to admit that you'd been lied to, that at least a part of your money was paid with no services provided in exchange. You were not "rewired" (and you should be thankful for that: it is always better to lose some money than to end up in a mental hospital) you were not hypnotized by Kam. Nobody ever was... You already know that all his meditations and other hocus-pocus-okay crap is nothing but a waste of time.
On the other hand if he lied about that, why would you expect him to be honest in anything else?
Remember I've mentioned Woodie. If you'll look carefully at his club, you'll find an interesting phenomena. All of his users are losing money, all of them have long ago noticed the obvious inconsistencies in the method, but not only they keep coming and losing, but they would furiously attack, as I said, anyone who would dare to ask a question doubting Woodies scriptures even a little bit. After a few years and a small fortune lost most of them will move on, but why not sooner, why are they waiting for a miracle to happen for months and years, knowing already that they are wasting their time?
The answer is simple: they invest so much effort and time into learning that method that due to a human nature they get married to it like we tend to get married with a losing trade. We filter out all contradictory data while keeping searching for bits and pieces confirming our decision and so on. You likely know the scenario. Al the time our subconsciousness is aware of the conflict with reality and that nagging feeling causes us to react violently when someone attempts to dissolve our illusions.
Six months is more than enough to get hooked this way. So why not make a reality check?