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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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Perhaps they have grown up, if it is possible to grow up from being a lier, but it doesn't seem so merely judging from that non-trading for 6 months restriction. How do you built confidence by "not trading for at least 6 months", I wonder? That method of confidence building might work or it might not, but what it will guarantee is that you'll be able to continue paying his fees for at least 6 months. Later you'll blow your account, quit trading and stop paying L2ST I guess but your confidence'd be solid!

He wants you to sim-trade during the first six months with active journaling on both the technical and psychological aspect of the trades. This follows from his beliefs that it takes some time to rewire your brain to what come's naturally i.e. taking quick short profits but hoping that the losers become profitable. Repeated success with a system (in sim) helps builds the confidence you need to stick to it when it is real money at stake. I have not seen or experienced anything yet which would suggest that that his approach is not valid.

MP and MD are my tools as well and I trade in almost the same way L2ST sells you. The problem is that all his method would fit a couple of pages or fifteen minutes movie, that's it. The rest is just junk, mumbling of moron. That is why it is so frustrating : you listen for hours and hours of incomprehensible self-promoting mumbo-jumbo while all you need to know is written in a few words on the screen(and booklet itself is not bad btw).

That is the impression I have too. That the basic technical understanding is good and for some one who is not familiar with understanding order-flow and market-profile, his approach is quite good. For some one who already understands those aspects very well, of course it is 15 minutes stuff as you say. But for those who do not understand those aspects well or a beginner it is a good lesson. Definitely worth spending a month or two understanding.

And when it comes to things other than his trading "system" it turns into complete BS. I mean NLP and hypnoses and other magic he thinks he possess: that is just funny. I certainly agree that the psychological aspects of trading are the most challenging and very important, but I would not trust such important things to such a dilettante "Mentalist" who himself is likely high all the time(that is judging from the way he talks).

I think this is a much better information/criticism. I will keep that in mind when I review the stuff.

To summarize, I suggest you watch his "Scalping the DOM" lecture and tell me if you can figure out how to scalp the DOM after it. Or at least find any small piece useful information in there. I don't remember if it was free or paid but I applied a lot of effort into it and watched it a few times - I love the subject and couldn't believe that there is absolutely, and I mean absolutely nothing hidden inside several hours of fast talk.

In his room scalping is not something he talks about in any significant way. His focus primarily has been on identifying a couple of scenarios which are likely to happen pre-market, then observing order-flow to confirm that the market is responding in the expected way or not, and accordingly adapting the trading plan with well defined exit points. It has a very strong and clean focus on using very short time-frame order flow information to confirm the larger time-frame hypothesis built upon volume and market profiles.

BTW I found the videos on youtube also.

Brian the second speaker, talks a lot about shorter term balances, retracements etc. and how to build and monitor expectations around shorter term market action within the backdrop of the longer term perspective.

I am not sure I have watched all the DOM stuff yet, but from whatever little I have watched, there have been certain specifics which do help provide the clues you would need a more systematic scalping strategy.

From your words, it does seem that you are a successful trader and the issues which Kam is trying to address are not something you need help with. I think that is great.

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