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How are UK day traders set up??

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Not really a gap at the moment, there might be if they change the rules on forex/spreadbetting. Most pro’s in the uk are using one of the bigger clearing houses and through some kind of prop/arcade solution. What product/style are you trading? There might be a better solution than IB.

Thanks Rassi, I guess what I mean is, there doesn't seem to be the same range of accessible, online, (specifically) futures brokers as in the US. What would be an example of one of the clearing houses? That world probably wouldn't be interested in my tiny account I expect

I'm currently trading the Dax throughout the day, but being very selective, looking for good setups -so maybe only a couple of trades a day. Unfortunately I've just started to get the hang of things after finding futures (previously toiling away at fx spreadbetting), just before I go back to work. Which means then I'll have much less time to stalk trades, so was going to look at scalping I guess -bunds, estoxx.

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