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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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What do you mean "adopt to the new market"?

I have lots of respect for Al Brooks and I honestly believe he is profitable.
For once, he is the LEAST of a salesman in this industry, and seldom Al goes out and does a webinar here and there and sells nothing after. Even his own forum is not run by him. He wrote a book, and from what I know about publishing and royalties, he gets almost nothing out of it. I don't think this book is for beginners, and therefore I wont recommend it to the fella who started this thread. But I can say that for me, it did 2 major things, if I may share: it removed the clutter where simplicity of method became the ultimate sophistication.
But above all, it made me realize where amateur traders place their trades (greed) and where they get out (fear).

I don't mean to start an argument, just sharing my experience with a person that I actually interact with and have respect for.

Arguments are OK mattz, they often lead to truth. I never said that I disrespect Al Brooks. What I meant is that the world and the market have moved on. There are new tools out there (e.g. Market Delta) that utilize the new abilities given to us recently by computers and such as well as there are new conditions that are created by such new abilities (Robots are now trading the markets and they are very good and very fast).
So thou you are certainly right about simplicity and greed and ultimate sophistication, head'n'shoulders doesn't work as it used to. What I suggest is to pick up the pearls from the older guys and move on with the rest of the world.