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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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(4) It would really be helpful if you can specify what exactly you disliked about the L2ST folks. Perhaps they themselves have grown as educators and are doing a better job communicating now than they did a few months ago when you joined them.

Perhaps they have grown up, if it is possible to grow up from being a lier, but it doesn't seem so merely judging from that non-trading for 6 months restriction. How do you built confidence by "not trading for at least 6 months", I wonder? That method of confidence building might work or it might not, but what it will guarantee is that you'll be able to continue paying his fees for at least 6 months. Later you'll blow your account, quit trading and stop paying L2ST I guess but your confidence'd be solid!

Now here is what I dislike. My first trading room was Woodie's and it took me a while to figure out what caused my discomfort over there. It was 2 things : Woodie's vagueness and sometimes straight lies(e.g. CCI is a leading indicator) combined with fanatics attacking every descender or even every relevant question. Other than that his teachings made a lot of sense, he is definitely very experienced profitable trader himself, he also would call the market accurately when the conditions were right and his approach to psychological issues is unique and can definitely work for many. And it is free! But I am glad that I left his room.
You see, nobody would waste a second of their time on a guru who is not even close to sense. In other words all that it takes to sell a guru is an impression that he can teach, that he knows something, and you can not make such an impression with complete BS - the competition is huge. So there are quite a few of them that have more than complete BS to offer. MP and MD are my tools as well and I trade in almost the same way L2ST sells you. The problem is that all his method would fit a couple of pages or fifteen minutes movie, that's it. The rest is just junk, mumbling of moron. That is why it is so frustrating : you listen for hours and hours of incomprehensible self-promoting mumbo-jumbo while all you need to know is written in a few words on the screen(and booklet itself is not bad btw). And when it comes to things other than his trading "system" it turns into complete BS. I mean NLP and hypnoses and other magic he thinks he possess: that is just funny. I certainly agree that the psychological aspects of trading are the most challenging and very important, but I would not trust such important things to such a dilettante "Mentalist" who himself is likely high all the time(that is judging from the way he talks).
To summarize, I suggest you watch his "Scalping the DOM" lecture and tell me if you can figure out how to scalp the DOM after it. Or at least find any small piece useful information in there. I don't remember if it was free or paid but I applied a lot of effort into it and watched it a few times - I love the subject and couldn't believe that there is absolutely, and I mean absolutely nothing hidden inside several hours of fast talk.

So that is not MP or delta or psychology of trading that I reject, on the contrary. I just despise when a guy who himself is apparently sick wants my money to teach me how to cure my lesser illness.

But I will be glad to change my mind if you could show your statement with profits. Just hide the account number and other personal information and post it here. It would be greatly appreciated and would speak louder than any words. I do not use any such services for a year or so, but I promise I'll join yours if you can show that you can trade, why not?