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Trading Computer Hijacked to Mine Cryptocurrency

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IMO the thread title maybe could give the wrong idea - because the computer wasn't technically hijacked in the absolute sense.

On my trading PC I am very careful about trusting any sites at all. For this, I try to limit any web browsing to things such as broker pages, platform support pages. For Firefox, in my opinion, the NoScript extension should be a best practice - but it is some work to understand how to use it properly. I also recommend using "hosts files" before ad-blockers, because hosts files are handled at the system networking level, and so they should be more efficient with your CPU than a browser-based ad-blocker. your linked article mentions...Crypto mining via javascript is a interesting development these days as a legitimate monetization source for site owners. But in order for it to be worthwhile to site owners, it basically has to suck up huge amounts of CPU, many many times more compared to any regular web advertisement. Looks like it can be loosely specified to use up to a certain percentage of the user's CPU, which is going to be proportional to the speed of your system. So they get more mining if you have a faster system, and they mine as long as you have the tab open.

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