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Anyone Caught in Interactive Brokers Platform Crash on 1.5.18?

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IB has enjoyed a good reputation as a broker on this forum, so experiences like these are troubling.

Naturally, there will be issues from time to time with anyone and anything. But I do occasionally see comments about their attitude....

Anyone else have particularly good or bad experiences, overall? There has to be a reason they are well thought-of. How do the pluses and minuses balance out?


I have been using IB for a few months now with my IRA account, and like them. The TWS platform is pretty easy to get used to, and i have not had any issues with them as a broker. I think pretty highly of them when compared to experiences i have had with other brokers. The commissions are also low which is great, but i agree that getting through on the phone often takes a while. The double security thing is also pretty annoying, but you get used to it.

I do consistently have issues with IB and Ninja trader though. But that is NT's problem in my opinion and my preference for NT is slowly dieing.


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