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Seeking partner aka research assistant/quantitative developer/programmer

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Seeking partner aka research assistant/quantitative developer/programmer

I am seeking/looking for an informal trading partner to run studies for me. I have a lot of trading ideas but do not have time to test all of them. I really don't have capital to fund all of them either. But, I think it is important to keep working on my craft. I have developed already some profitable strategies and edges.

In exchange for running studies for me and developing tools, you will get my trading ideas and access to the trading edges I have already developed. You may trade any of my edges or develop them further that we discover. I only request that you don't offer any systems or products based on them for sell/subscription, do not publish anything we discover, and only trade your own capital. I will likely offer systems so that's why I request that. If you do want to trade the strategies as part of a fund then that's possible provided I receive some percentage of profits or compensation.

You must have ability to develop strategies in Easylanguage and preferably C#/Ninjatrader. If you have Python and Machine Learning then that is a benefit but not required. However, this is not for someone who has never programmed or never developed strategies because you won't be able to do the work. This is a good opportunity for:

1. A professional programmer who has developed/programmed complex strategies and/or indicators but has limited success developing working strategies. But wants to do that.
2. A successful quantitative trader/system trader/developer who has made working strategies but wants new ideas to test.
3. A mixed discretionary/system developer who trades with some discretion and is interested in ways to trade systematically and/or using graybox. This sort of developer has run many studies and analysis but trades them with intuition. You may not be quite as strong a programmer but may have more exp. researching and testing ideas.
4. A quantitative developer/hedge fund who is willing to offer some form of compensation for strategies.
5. A professional trader looking for new source of edges and wants a two-way flow. I see the flow primarily being one way but to possibilities.

I see this is a semi-formal to informal relationship. Because it is a lot of work and most people won't be able or interested to do it, I obviously won't give up my discovered edges until we've established a working relationship. I prefer if the developer really intends to trade models that meet their requirements with real money because it makes the work more meaningful: not required but a benefit.

As for markets, I am focused and most interested in ES, CL, and Bitcoin right now. It would be futures & bitcoin only. As for my trading, it is 70/30 discretionary/quantitative right now but I've been focused on passing a tryout with discretion lately. I'm a highly intuitive style trade and tape reader who looks for both statistical and opportunistic types of opportunities. My primary focus is on day trading and short-term opportunities.

Just PM if interested and write a little about your trading and development background. Again, having developed successful strategies is not what is important but access to own data and the ability to develop and test strategies is required.

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