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Follow these two rules to preserve and grow capital

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Do you have any tips or advice for honing the entry skill set?

Maybe this: just like in a negotiation, your greatest asset is your ability to walk away. If a move is truly a good move, you can always get in after it gets going. You won't miss out. No need to FOMO. Very general, and I just erased a whole paragraph dealing with liquidity, etc., but what's really important is that when you see what you want to see, get in without thinking too much. If it doesn't look that appealing, just don't sweat it.

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I don't chase price if it moves away from me

I'd cautiously add that it's usually better to chase a move that's in progress (and still has energy) than to wait for all the stops to go, all the momentum to die, and the market to calm down, and then patiently buy a pullback. Sometimes we go all "deer in the headlights" when the market starts to move, but that's the time to act decisively, and then assess whether it's working, rather than wait for it to go up 70 ticks and THEN decide, "oh yeah, I think I'll buy."

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