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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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I am spending time in Kam's room for the past week. Currently they only do the US AM session, no live Euro session. During the week, they primarily traded ES though he also talked about his DAX trades he took in the Europe session.

In the beginning of the session he talks about the Market Profile and where he feels the market is likely to do business. He then comments on the market price action as he sees it on Market Delta and recommends entry points depending on the price action. While observing the price action, he comments on what he says, and how to manage the trades as they unfold. I find his technical reading of the market quite helpful.

I personally like the Market and Volume Profile based approaches, which I was introduced to via FuturesTrader71. The Discovery Trading Room videos hosted at MarketDelta are also very helpful. However, neither FT71 or the Discovery guys explain the actual setups live for you. That is where the L2ST live webinar based approach is really useful. I have seen a lot of people talking about trading the order flow/price action but very few people describing what exactly they are looking for, and how to validate their hypothesis.

I personally felt, that Kam captures the emotions and fears of what a trader is likely to feel very well. He specifically instructs people on what different emotions you are likely to go through prior to entering the trade, the first few minutes when you have risk on, after reaching your initial profit target and then with the runners. Each phase of the trade requires a different attitude and he continuously adapts his commentary as the trade progresses.

Though I am a big fan of Dr. Brett, I find Kam's demonstration of those ideas live very helpful. Kam understands both the technical aspects of trading and the psychological aspects of trading, and combines both of them live, in the heat of the market. You are unlikely to get the same experience with an outside psychologist.

Perhaps if you are an already profitable trader working in a professional environment, and want to take your game to the next level, an expert psychologist might help. However for most individual traders working in isolation, those expert options are not easily accessible or affordable.

On a technical level, I feel that his style works best for ES/DAX/YM type of products but not that well on CL. I think I can use elements of what he teaches in CL too, but not that well as ES.

On a psychological level, I can relate to many of the issues and problems he is trying to address. Perhaps you already have a very strong trader psychology and do not need help there.

Like cunparis, I also feel that spending at least a month or two in his trading room is going to be truly worth the money spent. He has also opened a blog L2ST - www.inthetradingzone.com - L2ST - www.inthetradingzone.com which has tons of free videos etc, which are definitely worth checking out.


On a different note, some other people have questioned why these vendor are selling their services if they are very good traders themselves. Here are some comments based on my personal interaction with the vendors.

-> One person runs an active trading room, also markets a variety of technical indicators and products. He has a fairly successful business selling those products. In his own words, he trades MUCH better, knowing that he DOES not have to make a living from his trading profits but can rely on his secure revenue stream of products.

-> The trading room is also a marketing mechanism for up-selling. A low-cost trading room helps them sell higher value add products. The person I mentioned above has a variety of different products and a lot of people are very happy subscribing to them and profiting from trading those.

->For many traders, being able to communicate and share their thoughts is like a journaling process in itself. It helps enforce discipline and sticking to a trading plan better. They might be gurus, but they are still human and experience the same ups and downs in life as any one else.

Hey, I've understood that we are sort of comrades here so felt a duty to warn you about another little thief out to get us. It is up to you to listen to my warning or ignore it. I am sure that you'll come to the same conclusion at the end thou since all that I heard from the poor fellow was pretentious mumbling and million times repeated self-compliments -- the guy is not shy at all.
But again if it works for you -- great! The only suggestion is: before advertising here another NLP black belt professional, why don't you show us your results first? Can you post your profits for us to see? I swear that would be very impressive, to the point that most of us, right after thanking, you will be joining L2ST room next day. Including myself.
How about it? Take another week or 2 trading with that guru and show us what you have achieved.