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Lowering commissions: Traits to look for in a broker/platform for Hi Freq trading

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charlotte nc
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Hi Bullywig,

It's nice to hear that you are already experiencing some level of success. If you can even tread water with full retail level commissions and fees then you will do great once you can reduce your overhead. It's great that you already have live trading stats to work of off also. Even the best Simulations engines will have difficulties getting you an accurate picture.

As for me, I started with NT 7, but moved to NT 8 last year. There is a bit more functionality with 8. In terms of NT 8 versions.... They are up to 12 now I believe, and I had a terrible headache with several versions that crashed during live trading. 6 and 11 were both unstable in a number of ways. 10 is the one that I currently use, it has been very stable compared to the others I have tested. I run everything through a strategy, no charts, no DOMs, and I haven't hit any issues with it. Starting with version 11, they changed their database structure and starting in 12 they added quite a bit of new functionality. For me, I don't need any of the extra bells and whistles, and starting in 11 I noticed that it consumed far more memory than 10. So I am just going to stick with 10.

There aren't many retail traders on here pursuing HFT type of strategies. So if you ever want to bounce ideas around or talk to a peer researching the same area, I would be glad to share notes.

Happy Trading!


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Thanks Ian:

I am currently using NT8. What version of Ninjatrader are you using? I have briefly looked at X trader, and I have heard of Rhythmic API, but I don't know much about them. I have talked with a colleague about the seat option as well, and your estimate of it cutting the transaction cost appx in half seems correct.

Thank you for your candid comments about backtesting. I am familiar with the ambrosial high one can glean from those all to often fallacious results, that for the briefest moment, make you feel like a genius, but in the end leave you with just a simple sentiment; something like "isn't it pretty to think so" ...I am moving beyond backtesting at this point though and I'm testing my strategy on the live market everyday that I can with my at home NT8 setup for now. I'm not in a great rush, and so far it has worked out astonishingly well. A bit of a surprise, but I will run with it for several months so I can gather as much data as I can, crash and burn, rinse, repeat, and hopefully run through a diversity of market conditions if they present themselves. This forum has been extremely helpful, inspiring at times, and best of all, sobering; it brings me back to Earth. I am trying to get ahead of everything and understand potential costs and pitfalls and what I might be headed for or into, so, again, thank you for your thorough evaluation of my question, and answering so promptly.


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