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What is your experience using a 4k TV as a monitor?

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Just bought a Samsung MU6290 for a budget installation

I just bought a Samsung 43" MU 6290 at Costco for $350 plus tax. Costco has a very liberal return policy, so if I'm not happy I'll bring it back. I ran into a couple of issues setting it up, but it looks like it may work. My experience so far:


At first audio did not work coming out of the HDMI. It turns out my motherboard bios did not have Intel onboard graphics as the boot graphics. I also have a budget low power graphics board on the computer that does not support 3840 x 2160 resolution, and that was the default graphics device. I had to switch the hdmi cable to that device to even see the bios settings when the computer booted. But after I did that and rebooted I was able to made onboard graphics the default device (it's an MSI motherboard if anyone cares) and when I switched the hdmi cable back to the onboard hdmi socket I could now see the bios setup and also the sound now worked. Problem #1 solved.

Currently the maximum refresh rate shown in the Intel HD Graphics control panel is 30P Hz. Apparently I should be using 60P Hz according to what I've been reading online. Intel claims to support the 60P Hz standard with this chip, but I need a high speed hdmi cable. I'm gonna look around the house to see if I have one, and if I don't I'll order an Amazon Basics high speed cable ($6.99 prime for a 6 foot cable or $9.96 for the three pack) which should show up tomorrow. Don't know how much difference doubling the refresh rate will make, but for seven bucks I'll do what everyone says I should do.

Update: Cannibalized a high speed cable off my Comcast cable box. 3840 x 2160 60P Hz is now listed as an option in the Intel control panel but not yet when I try to actually adjust screen resolution. I'll keep you posted.

Viewing experience:

A) Screen resolution seems fine. There's a little reflection off the screen but it's not bothersome to me. I don't know and I don't particularly care about color accuracy, etc., but it doesn't seem any worse than the Dell S2415H monitor I've been using and which I like. My biggest beef is that I can't tilt the screen. The stand for this budget TV is definitely on the primitive side, but plenty sturdy. Of course I could just put a couple of coasters under the front of the stand to tilt it up, or buy a VESA mount and mount it to the wall. For now I'm being cheap, so if necessary I'll go with option #1.

B) In years past when I used up to 8 monitors for trading, back in the day when a 20" monitor was "large" and expensive, I was able to aim each monitor directly at me. I find it a little uncomfortable to look at the outside edges of this large screen, because they don't aim directly at me. A curved screen might be better, but as I said this is a BUDGET installation. And this is definitely way better than trying to trade on a single 24" monitor.

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