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Fair price for ATS

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I feel that the results will not continue. My opinion is traders should not pursue automation as a means to be successful in trading. Too many are lured in by false hopes and cherry picked charts. Too many believe just because a strategy made $900 a month in the past means it will in the future. Few understand backtesting and curve fitting. Fewer still understand proper forward testing. In the end, most people I've met that pursue automation do so because they are either lazy or foolish ("I just want a strategy that can earn $1,000 a month with low risk"), or are trying to find a short cut for their own pitfalls in their own discretionary trading (ie: failure to take responsibility for their actions, wanting to place blame elsewhere).

No need for me to say more.


I have to disagree with the part about those automating strategies are either lazy or foolish... at the end of the day, when you trade, you follow a plan... which are rules, and yes not all rules can be defined by code to follow which is why there is also discretion when trading as our experience becomes the rules over time...anyhow, if rules can be followed then they can be coded and as such automated to react much faster and process more information than we can real time... now, the only thing i find foolish is when people tend to over-optimize and not walkforward and test their strategies; just like people who trade in simm and think they can trade with real money because they were succesfull in simm.. .. to summarize, if one has a discretionary method that works, why not automate it? ... btw, that does not mean set and forget it... as no system is infallible.. just my 2cents.

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