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Can Day Trading be profitable for retail?

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Your sarcasm has no value. Show me numbers.

the reason trading, however you define it, does not work for you, is you.

There are plenty of commenters here that will engage with some kind of softer unfocused explanation. The vague notion is a non-starter for most people that are making money and don't have something to sell or prove.

You have not seen it or can't identify personally with it, so it is not possible. Displace that false logic. Stop back testing, it is for salespeople or losers. Define the objective parts of your trading. Journal the subjective parts. Know the difference. Study your losers, get better.

Show you the numbers? How? If I type a claim, you will discount it. Statements or tax documents, you'd call those fake too. Get focused and eliminate bad outcomes. That takes a huge commitment and tremendous discipline. Few have what it takes...just like every other high reward profession. Don't whine, nobody cares.

If you want input (some will be great, and some will suck) on your trades, post the trades and supporting logic. If you are searching and honest enough with yourself to admit that, then you will find about a dozen guys that I believe are posting legit trades with supporting comments. Many people with varying degrees of success will overtly or tacitly try to help you with sincerity. That is exactly what the post you called sarcasm was.


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