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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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Tymbeline View Post
I believe that there's now no such thing as "FTP" any more.

Instead, the Combine's in two stages: the first stage (which seems to be what was until recently called "Combine") has been reduced to a 5-day minimum instead of 10, and one or two other figures are also different; the second stage (which appears to be what used to be called "FTP") has a 10-day minimum. My point: this isn't just a change in name - some other parameters, including the minimum number of days, are also altered.

Someone please correct me, if I'm wrong about anything I've said above.

matthew28 View Post
I think this is the result of competition in the market place.

One Up's evaluation period is a minimum of fifteen days.

TST's was two evaluation days of a minimum of ten days each. Now it is in effect also fifteen days. Previously having to pass the Combine, then to basically be told to "now go off and do the same thing again" made One Up look more attractive in that respect.
In my opinion this also now makes a clearer distinction between Stage 1 (formerly the Combine), where you can use larger size straight away and now hit your target in a few days, and Stage 2 (formerly FTP); which was always supposed to be about implementing the scaling plan and Daily to Weekly loss limit, to lower initial maximum risk and reduce the likelyhood of blowing out in the first day or two and aim to promote more realistic risk management.

Funny that I just now became aware of the changed terminology. It's Combine Step 1 and Step 2 now on their website. I think it was still Combine and FTP a short while ago.

I think @matthew28 is right about competition, and also about the purpose of "Step 2"/"FTP".

I also think this was good marketing/labeling -- the amount of complaining about "why do I have to do it twice?" was amazing. Now it doesn't look like just a repetition, or a trick to make you fail (although I am sure that some people will find a way to make it so -- complaining can be so much fun. )

Competition seems to be working as it should. A good thing, overall.

Thanks to both @Tymbeline and @matthew28 for waking me up to the change.


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