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Can Day Trading be profitable for retail?

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SMCJB, How do you know that kevin's automated day-trading is profitable? maybe it's not. or maybe he is not day-trading at all. People posting on this thread except, maybe Ian, have taken exception to my suspicion against day trading. As if day trading is holier than thou. How dare you question day trading? Well, I am going to rely on data and facts than on hearsay and myth. That is why I asked people to post backtest results. Not their strategy but just the results.
Do I know a successful Doctor? Yes.
Do I know a successful banker? Yes.
Do I know a successful builder? Yes.
Do I know a successful broker who has day-trading clients? Yes.
Do I know a successful day trader? No.

I am not convinced, yet, that day trading is a profitable venture for retail traders or any traders. Isn't this the reason why HFT was invented? The issue is that a lot of tool/strategy vendors, brokers etc want us all to believe that day trading is profitable on a consistent basis. It is upon our wisdom to see through it.

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