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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Bad football bet

Shows you not to take my football bet advice.

My friend would have lost his $6,000 betting on Brady, LOL.

Good news about my friend. His $6,000 account is up to $10,300.

He did not provide an accurate accounting of the software. He also began subscription to a trading alert service ( I will not mention their name because I would be rightfully labeled a promoter and I do not subscribe).

One of the traders in the service got my friend short the day after I posted his test of the software on Friday. As luck would have it he immediately caught a runner.

While he was short (been mostly short this week) he was catching great runners.

He did monitor the BTTF signals but could not take them because he was already in a trade.

He did report that the short signals looked very good and timely the long signals not so good but a couple could have made a little bit.

That of course is not useful as a report. Just wanted to update people.

Maybe next week he can come up with a better, more meaningful report.

Thanks for your ideas Michael BTTF. I was able to give my friend a few ideas. I had a significant career with a couple of our top investment banks in New York. We managed corporate underwriting and trading.

If we did not manage risk properly our careers would have been finished.

That is why I did not bet for or against Brady. I do not professionally understand sports bookings.

Maybe in my next life I will run a Vegas book, LOL.


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