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You get exactly what you want out of the market

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Been thinking about this.

You know when you buy a car and youre driving around and you notice all the other cars the same as yours? Or you get a dog and you suddenly become aware of all the same type of dogs that are out there. So what changed? Its not that there is now magically more of a certain type of car or breed of dog, its just that your perception now confirms a subset of the data your senses are receiving (your eyes in this case).

The data: I have pug.
Confirmation cycle: Wow look at all the people who own pugs. Where were they before?

The data: I have a mustang.
Confirmation cycle: Wow look at all the mustangs on the road. I never noticed them before.

In terms of trading I have 3 states of mind:
1. Is this going up?
2. Is this going down?
3. I am waiting for my setup.

Mindset one and two indicate that I really don’t know what is going on. If I ask this question it reveals that I might be subtly biased in a certain direction whilst ignoring the actual signals. Its not a good mindset to be in. I have created lack. There is not lack in the market but I have created it in my mind and that comes through in the questions I am asking.
Mindset 3 is confident. There are no questions. Just waiting. In this state I cannot be mislead by false perception because there are no questions. There just is.

Emotion is what makes it interesting. Fear and anxiety directly relate to your experience of the market, its like using a big crayon in a colouring in book. The data you perceive is heavily influence by the colour you are using on the data. If you are fear then your mind will arbitrarily filter the data to confirm your fear. If you see opportunity and abundance then your mind will filter the data to confirm that belief. You get what you ask for.

Thats what I think this means.

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