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Can Day Trading be profitable for retail?

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Homework, Discipline, Consistency & Conviction = Profit

I have to admit few so called trading educators can really put you on the right track towards profit. However there are a few that I believe have the right attitude and decency when dealing with retail traders.

My story will be the same as most I'm sure. Though I consider myself lucky to be still on the same account as when I first set out to trade.

How did I turn it around from getting beaten up by the market to holding my own...

1. Homework is key.
2. Know thy Market. Auction Theory.
3. Know thy trading Monkey (Psychology)

All of the above points ... Credit and a massive thank-you to futuresTrader71.

4. Reading & Dissecting the market.
5. Orderflow
6. Best Trading Tools & Support this side of the trading galaxy

All of the above points ... Credit and a massive thank-you to Peter Davies / Jigsaw Trading.

Valuable, Insightful, content rich, life-changing material with a value ten times that of the other trading educations AND for a fraction of the cost. Did you know FT71 Webinar series (Awesome)...all the proceeds go to his chosen charity!!!

Because of these guys I now nail trade location and have called every new all time high on the NQ for the last three months. Not that I trade tops/bottoms. Seriously check them out.

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