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Fair price for ATS

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Lately I have wondered whether there are new vendors emerging after hacking through Aardvark or Hurley here on futures.io (formerly BMT) and claiming that work as their own (strats of which were never meant to be traded as is). Before we know it, it shows up all over Collective2 and people are buying into it based solely off one equity curve. Wait...
That's what we are all getting asked to do here right?

Interesting point Dragon and I would not be surprised given the number of commercial ATS' out there, many of which are less than ethical at the least, so plagiarism is probably rampant. I say good luck to them as if I find any useful code I may use it too. My experience with Hurley & Aardvark has been a learning one. One of the things that is obvious to me now from these threads and my own observations going back more than 15 years now is that people are very keen to invest time & $$$ on trading systems that promise more $$$ than the investment (who here hasn't done that - indicators, trading software such as Elliot Wave a few years back, etc etc) and give up after struggling to correctly understand the system or discovering that is simply doesn't work ... in their hands.

As that great sci-fi show promised "the truth is out there" and while this may be true for ATMs (someone has to be making a killing with an ATM somewhere - without sharing it) the real truth is within each of us - we just have to individually discover "what works for me". For many of us this is discretionary trading futures or Forex, for others it is trading shares or options and yet others it is an ATM, each applied using your own rules that are proprietary to you.

I have lost track of the number of times I have read about a trader who is clearly very successful and yet many and probably most others who try to use their system fail. For example I subscribe to a share trading newsletter and by following it I quadrupled my $30k starting nest egg in 3 years applying my own interpretative rules to the newsletter advice, which to me seemed totally logical. However I note from the published annual newsletter report cards many people who subscribed to the newsletter failed to be successful even though they received the exact same advice as me. Therefore there is always an "X-Factor" in trading.

Perhaps the point I'm trying to make is that any ATS also requires an X-Factor in the head of the user to be successful - some intuitive function (preferred timeframe, number of cars, variable settings etc) unique to that user that makes the difference between being a winner or a loser. Loading and forgetting is definitely not the X-Factor.


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