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Fair price for ATS

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Your welcome

Why are we forced to make a decision simply based on two screen shots? You don't believe a vendors prior reputation and experience has any bearing whatsoever? You've never visited a vendor website that has cherry picked charts or backtest reports? Or you think just because a backtest has 135 trades and a 10 month history, that is enough proof for you that it is going to continue making $900 a month?

It is late, I do not wish to argue. People will always be searching for the holy grail. No doubt, if you post the vendor here and a URL, many people will flock to it with great interest. But you should try and open your eyes a bit more. I believe it was Dr Brett that said immediately after entering a trade he starts to analyze the trade from the opposite angle, for instance if he is long he immediately starts asking himself why he should instead be short. In other words, you need to look for what you may have missed. It's not about second guessing, it is about making sure you weren't being fooled.

Good luck.


No good luck needed needed Mike. I have no vested interest in this--it is an academic exercise for me. I have personally backtested the results and I stand by those I have posted.

Obviously, this has hit a personal nerve with you. Given your history with your own ATS, I understand.

Good luck to you and thanks for your replies.

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