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My Evaluation and Experiences.

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My Evaluation and Experiences.

At the end last year I decided that I want to day trade futures and improve my skills as a trader by being more active as I am primary a swing trader of stocks and ETFs, and I was looking to join a firm like TST.

I was looking here for some info on prop trading firms and some more info on TST and I found out about OneUp Trader and after reading everything I found I had a mixed feeling and impression about them.

But after thinking and comparing both side by side I decide to go with OneUp because it is slightly cheaper, I do not have to do FTP, I do not have to pay exchange fee and for me that trade a lot os instruments I have to pay [CME $85 + CBOT $85 + NYMEX $85 + COMEX $85] would is going to cost me $340/month with TST and with OneUp I pay nothing. Plus I did not wanted to be disturbed by participation in chat/trading room and receiving phone calls when I have a bad day, as I know TST have this practices.

After doing a trial with OneUp and testing the waters after my trial expired they sent me a 25% discount and I signed up straight away for a 50K account and 80%/20% split for $112.50/month, and the results follows bellow.

[This is a bit off topic but on the top of all that I wanted to take a break form live poker as well, even though I am a winning player and I win over the long run but it was not very “health” anymore for me and after considering the opportunity cost because I have other commitments in live such as trading, studying and other work activities I decided to take a long break from poker. However poker has helped me tremendous in respect on the psychological side of things such as in trading and life in general, live poker is a very psychological game in comparison with online poker which is more mathematical.]

This was my 15 days account goals and progress so far, I reached my target on day 12 and after that off course I did not want to take more risk I was only trading for 1 or 2 ticks for the remaining 3 days.
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This was all the instruments I trader and my total number of trades which for my style IMO is quite a lot of trades as I am not trying to scalp, however I did have a lot of scratch, break even, tight stops and reversing trades etc.
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My end of the day total Profit and Loss and cumulative Profit and Loss together with Trailing Drawdown in Real Time, which is more difficult then EOD Trailing Drawdown. So there is not too much margin for error here as you are most likely to be bellow of your Maximum Trailing Drawdown everyday. This was done on pencil and paper where I wrote personal note as a journal on my Econoday/Economic Journal 2018, and includes commissions.

Note that I had positive equity every single day on my account since day one and yet my max Trailing Drawdown have been negative almost every single day, this had influence on the way I trade and I was feeling that I was trading not to loose and not to blow up and not trading to win by letting my winners running, even though I was winning.
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To finalize my experience with OneUp Trader has been fine, they do replay emails within 15 minutes they do pick up the phone in case you need to talk to them. I just did not like last time I emailed them and instead of calling me by my name they called me by my email not very professional IMO, and of course that Trailing Drawdown In Real Time is completely bullshit.

I am waiting them to contact me to sign the contract and I hope all goes well.

So feel free to ask me questions but be sensible because while I am more than happy to help I am not willing to share everything in minimal details. And I do not work for any of this companies and I have nothing to sell also.

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