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Market Geometry

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Yup pretty standard. Many platforms use ctrl-drag to instantly replicate a trend line etc.

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Looks like alt-p for Seirra.

Tools Menu
Alt-1 Pointer
Alt-3 Chart Values/Crosshair
Alt-0 Adjust Regions
Alt-H Hand
Alt-Z Zoom
Alt-4 Trendline
Alt-6 Extending Trendline
Alt-2 Chart Calculator
Alt-8 Horizontal Line
Ctrl-4 Vertical Line
Ctrl-Y Type Text
Ctrl-J Stationary Text
Alt-7 Fib 2 Point Retrace/Extention
Alt-Shift-7 Fib 2 Point Retrace/Extention 2
Ctrl-Alt-P Fib 3 Point Retrace/Extention
Alt-Shift-4 Fib 3 Point Retrace/Extention 2
Ctrl-F Gann Fan
Ctrl-Shift-F Fibonacci Fan
Ctrl-N Linear Regression
Ctrl-7 Arrow
Ctrl-Alt-V Cycle
Ctrl-Alt-1 Fibonacci Time Zones
Ctrl-Alt-2 Zig-Zag
Ctrl-Alt-3 Gann Grid
Ctrl-6 Pitchfork Tool
Alt-Shift-6 Pitchfork - Schiff Median
Alt-Shift-5 Pitchfork - Modified Schiff
Ctrl-Alt-4 Rectangle Highlight
Ctrl-Alt-T Extending Rectangle Highlight
Ctrl-Alt-5 Ellipse Highlight
Ctrl-Alt-6 Angle Ellipse Highlight
Ctrl-Alt-7 Tool Settings
Ctrl-T Active Tool Color
Ctrl-Alt-8 Chart Drawing Properties
Alt-M Move Line/Text
Ctrl-5 Adjust Line
Ctrl-Alt-9 Extend Trendline
Alt-P Make Line Parallel
Alt-S Snap To High/Low
Ctrl-Alt-S Snap Side to High/Low
Ctrl-Alt-C Snap to Close
Ctrl-Alt-O Snap to Open
Ctrl-L Copy and Move Line/Text
Alt-Shift-1 Copy and Adjust Line
Alt-Shift-2 Alerts
Alt-Shift-3 Modify Text
Alt-5 Erase Lines/Text Mode
Ctrl-Delete Erase Last Line/Text
Delete Erase Single Line/Text
Alt-Shift-T Erase All Text
Alt-Shift-L Erase All Lines
Ctrl-3 Global Cursor On

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