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Is it Worth It!!!

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Hello Everyone!

I want to start off by letting everyone know that I am very very New at Day Trading actually I am in the very first stages of trying to learn how to Day Trade. I know nothing about it.

I came across this statement from the NO BS Day Trading website...

For Inexperienced traders
If you know absolutely nothing about trading, my first piece of advice for you is donít do it. The stories of million dollar traders are real. It can be done. But the amount of time, energy and money which is required to make it happen is substantial. You are not going to start printing Benjamins as fast as you think.

So my question for Everyone is this. I am an Inexperienced Trader and so I want to know if this statement is true. I ask this because for the last week I have been studying my butt off day and night. I probably have around 40 hours this week alone watching webinars, I bought the Al Brooks Training Course and I've been going through it and I'm starting to realize there will be months and months and months if not years of learning or trying to learn and at the end when finally I feel comfortable trading my own money I end up losing it all or that I'm so far into it now that I have to keep going because of all the time that I have invested in learning. I don't want to regret wasting all this time when I could have been spending time with my family or learning how to Sell on Amazon if you know what I mean.

I don't mind putting in the time it would take to learn if its worth it. I'm 39 years old and I'm at a point in my life where I want to learn something new that is fun and exciting. I want to do something that could possibly make me some really good money and so I figured I would try and get some advice from you guys and see if you had to do it all over again would you learn how to day trade and if not day trading then what would it be?

Thank you

You have Al Brooks course and he even said it took about 12 years to make money. Don`t have his video course but have his first book and use for demo charts to practice. And I still do even though i have a Broker. Because they have all the bells and whistles if you want all that stuff. And it is free but the data is only slightly delayed.
Would not trade with real money until you have a good understanding. Al Brooks has a very good understanding and has shared it with us. Do not be fooled into going the indicator and the log rhythm or the AI robots route,or learning a few candle stick patterns.

You will do much better learning it by reading and watching others trade. So that when you start trading and losing you will understand what happen. You will learn and you will make money. Connect with TradingwithRayner have never bought anything from him but he gives away so much free and useful must have Al Brooks weekly FREE newsletter. Listen to CFRN on Youtube every trading day. It is a hour long but worth it.i mostly listen to the recorded version so can scroll though it.I just like DeWayne personality could trust him holding my wallet.
Hope this helps

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