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Is it Worth It!!!

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Hey Anagami, Iím not sure what I should start off trading? I was looking into trading the futures because I was lead to believe thatís where beginners like me need to start of learning? Is this not true? If not where or what should a new beginner start off learning?

Thank you!

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You gotta understand there is no beginner market, no easy market to trade. If there were, then everyone would be trading it... and then it wouldn't be easy anymore.

There are, however, markets suited to particular strategies. So perhaps a better question to explore is how you want to trade... and then looking for a market suitable for that style of trading.

As you are interested in day trading, the futures are pretty good. Good leverage, reasonable commissions, daily trading opportunities, and good tax situation.

And of course, within the futures family, most contracts greatly differ from each other how they behave. Specifically for order flow trading, ZN, ZB, and ES are fine. They move slow enough so you can read them.

For Brooks style price action, any contract is fine... if you can make his method work. As another poster noted, I have never known anyone who has long term (i.e. years, not a few weeks or months). "Just take 2-legged pullbacks to moving average." Yah, if only. (You can code that strategy in NinjaTrade and see for yourself how it performs.)

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