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Is it Worth It!!!

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While I thank each and every "Honest input" that each of you has laid out for me, I have yet to see anyone of you (except for a few) suggest anything to me on how a beginner like myself should start. If I wanted to learn it. It's like everything is negative about trading but yet everyone is doing it. Everything so far has just been "Its Hard" and "Good Luck". That's what I mean by "Negative". I would more than love to hear from an experienced trader say "Hey trading is Hard work. It can take years to learn but if you want to learn here is what you need to do. First, you need to know how to do this, Then you need to read this." That's the kind of information that I need to hear. Not "Its Hard, Good Luck"

fair enough, and I can relate. But, I think that your post was a bit "loaded" on whether it is worth it to start the venture of trading, and on such topics, you will get rather a debate instead of a direction. If you wanted a direction and guidance, skip the "is it worth it" part.

The challenge in giving anyone advice is rather the lack of a blueprint for trading. Some like day trading with very few and infrequent trades and some may like swing trading with a longer view. Even within these styles, there is a variety of ways to analyze things. In the final analysis, this journey is discovering your strengths and weaknesses and evaluating what is the ideal way to analyze the markets.

I have customers who are mathematically inclined, so they use more of a quantitative approach. There are those who prefer to look at chart formations because they are more visual, and then you may have guys who have a programming experience and were able to build their own algo. Everyone gravitates towards their strength, and if they are lucky, they discover their strength early enough.

Maybe you should start with a focus on risk management and cash management of trading. Look for books with these titles, and see if they have the content you are looking for. It does not matter what method you will choose, in the end, the risk management will determine how your account looks like.

All the best.

Matt Z
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There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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