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Is it Worth It!!!

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Ok, I get what everyone is saying. So let's say after hearing all of this I still want to dive deeper into learning how to trade. With so many experienced traders on here, how would you lead me down the road of learning how to day trade? Where should a beginner start? I know that's a loaded question. Everyone has there own opinions but there have to be a few similar ideas that each experience trader would say. Their cant be that many different ideas on how to train a beginner.

Some questions that I have is

1. Which market should a beginner start out trying to learn first?
2. Which books or courses should a beginner start out with?
3. Who can a beginner trust to learn from?
4. What should a beginner start learning first?

5. How can a beginner find a mentor to learn from?
The reason I ask this is because if I had someone come to me and say, hey I really want to learn more about what you do. Would you teach me how to do what you do? I would be like sure I will teach you as long as you are willing to learn and do what I ask you to do. Before we start, go read this and go study that and Be ready to start at 8:00 am.

How come nobody does this? Is it because nobody wants to be liable?


I did make 3 suggestions to you in my initial post:
1. turn off your charts.
2. burn your TA books.
3. watch order flow.

Which market should you watch order flow on?
The thick and the 'slow', the treasuries (ZN / ZB).

What should you watch for?
You should watch for the intention (the # of orders sitting on different levels and being removed / added) vs. the actual execution (the market orders ripping into the levels). With order flow, you are looking at what is happening RIGHT NOW in the market, looking for signs of immediate strength / weakness.

Once you think you are getting a bit of a feel for what's going on, look for the edge (i.e. pick places where a level is about to go, so if you jump in, you will be sitting on a break-even trade). This is the most basic skill for order flow trading.

If you are looking for a mentor, get John Grady's basic order flow course. it's a great start. Take it from there. That alone should save you several years of wasted effort.

Is this the only approach? Certainly not. But it is the best one I found in the 10+years of trading.

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