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Is it Worth It!!!

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Dude, a successful trader don't want to share or teach you because that's their edge, imagine many people trading the same exact way as you do, how can you make money from it?

actually it's not that. If there is a Drive in one self to be the BEST trader there is...<< i firmly believe they will achieve it. you cannot be taught to has to come from within & coupled with knowledge, tenacity, great perseverance, sacrifice, no guarantees, self discipline, luck, determination, attitude to learn, humble, mentality who is not risk averse "means can take losses". these are just very few traits of some of the Best out there in the field. They normally have many more characteristics which is beyond scope.

if the above was not true..... you would find many from the academics field in the forefront of trading. Yes there are many from the academics side who have formed great HFs and are traders.....but not all academicians are traders though they understand micro structure and markets to the t.

In trading i believe one cannot get or take an edge unless its a holy grail indicator. in discretionary trading...You can be literally within a shout out from the worlds best traders spitting out their entry/exits....but one may still not be able to make it. THIS is a FACT.

also many people get into trading and look for indicators. I did that too. Ofcourse i use indicators....but now its with Market Micro-structure knowledge.

From what i have seen so far......the ones who make it.....put everything into it w/o any guarantees. And the ones who dont may not put that effort. Life itself has no guarantee "0".....why should trading be.

very few places will one get true good advice. one such place is fio. i think all the posts out here given by people are great. Only -ves.

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