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Is it Worth It!!!

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Is it worth it? Well it does as long as you do it right, the problem is that a very small tinny percentage of the trades do it right.

And If you want to have fun and excitement than I would advise you to go to brothel or a stripper club and get some vodka or beer! Trading is a lot of work, hard work and commitment and you have to treat it like any other business. Trust me you wont find it fun and excited when things is not going your way.

It will take you years, between 3 to 5 I would say and you will need good understanding of price, volume and volatility combine with discipline, focus and patient and a couple of others things such as avoid all the bullshit and bullshitters out there simply because “everybody” is selling you something or trying to sell you something.

And be in mind that success is not guarantee in this business, nothing is guarantee in life only death and taxes as “they” said but even taxes is not guarantee because there are infinite way to dodge taxes, so only death is guarantee in life.

Also if you are not a programmer do not even bother to learn programming to trade, learn how to trade first, than after you can learn programming if you want and not the other way around, in other words be a discretionary trader first. If you are a programmer and know how to code than you may want to backtest some systematic trading ideas if not, stick with a discretionary approach.

Yeah books can be good as long as you read the right books, but be in mind that books do not trade for you. The same with webinar, videos and forum etc, yes they are good and valid and you are on the right place, but be remember at the end of the day you will have to place trades yourself. And you will have to deal with your own mind and mindset yourself.

Day trading futures is not easy in reality is it not advisable for beginners but you can and I think you should join One Up Trader: or Top Step Trader:, it is not perfect per se but it is a very good stating point if you want to become a day trader, apart from that you are getting in the business knowing exactly how much you are going to loose.

That is that.

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