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Is it Worth It!!!

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How come this industry is so negative towards beginners? I guess that why i cant decide if i should down this path. It's like you hear everywhere that you can't trust anybody or you cant trust anybody to teach you, you can't trust anybody's course, you have to learn on your own.

I think that a good degree of this cynicism comes from each retail trader's own path and history with the markets. I'd guess that most retail traders start out winning a little and losing a little, and then slowly but surely drain at least one account. People are probably "negative towards beginners" because they remember the loss and emotional pain from their own starting phase. I paid for many different trading rooms and software and indicators and gurus and I definitely wouldn't recommend for somebody to go through the same process. There are many misleading websites and people in the trade education world. I would guess it's because beginners are chomping at the bit to start making millions of dollars, and they'll pay whatever the asking price is to unlock supposed secrets of the market.

There are no secrets in the market. The 10 EMA isn't objectively better than a Pivot Point, the flag formation isn't always more profitable than the shooting star candle, and scalping isn't necessarily more profitable than swing trading. If you decide to pursue trading, you will not have to learn on your own. You'll have to learn how to create your own method, but there are thousands upon thousands of resources for learning to trade out there. I've listened to countless webinars from a variety of folks here on There are always one or two tidbits that stick with me after I'm done listening to them, and I would encourage you to do the same and see if something resonates with you.

It's a long process. It's a hard process. Above all, keep your risk low to stay in the game long enough to take that next trade.

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