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Is it Worth It!!!

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That's just it... nobody can show you how to succeed. A snippet of a post I made elsewhere, but relevant I think...

"That's the problem with being a self-directed, self-instructed trader; there's no clear path for a beginner to follow and we're all left to our own devices to get it figured out. Quite nearly every other career path has a formal educational process behind it that ensures the knowledge fundamental to success is achieved... but trading is like the wild west.

A lot of guys (myself included) start out thinking that if they can just find someone's successful method and emulate it, they will be on their way to success and riches. Nothing could be further from the truth. You really do have to put forth the effort in understanding how it all works so it makes sense to you and fits your personality. Along the way, you will cull bits and pieces of information and methodology from others and be able to incorporate it into your own style, but ultimately you must make it your own.

One thing that has really helped me "fill in the cracks" in my own foundation was going through Adam Grimes' free video course. His book, The Art and Science of Technical Analysis, is of extremely high value (it's not free, but goes way more in-depth about the concepts and ideas presented in the video course.) "

FYI I'm not a shill for the guy, I was directed to the course by other traders here, but I believe he does a great job of just going over the basics.

Thank you so much for all the information that you have shared with me. I really appreciate it.

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