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Is it Worth It!!!

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These are all good examples of why people are attracted to trading.

I'm no expert, really just scratching the surface myself, but after 18 years of being self employed and doing something I love, trading is the first thing I've come across that has really captivated me and compelled me to look beyond. I spend just about every waking moment of my free time pursuing it, and if I didn't have a business to attend to, I'd spend more without thinking twice. Easily.

Since joining FIO, I've discovered it really requires full commitment, not only to the external aspects of the markets and motivating forces behind them, but also to deep introspection and self reflection; it's a journey of growth and development, a blend of science and art. I don't think it's possible to master the markets without mastering one's self.

A monumental challenge, and a monumental opportunity! The guys here who have made it happen and are really good at it will likely tell you it's the most difficult thing they've ever done. Even then, some feel as if it is not worth the cost.

Sounds like you just need to spend some time discovering whether you could possibly feel passionate about it. You've found a great place to start, FIO is awesome and the people here are very helpful. Keep asking questions, give it some time, you'll eventually figure out whether it is something for you to pursue or not.

Best of luck my man!

Thank you for your reply.

How come this industry is so negative towards beginners? I guess that why i cant decide if i should down this path. It's like you here everywhere that you can't trust anybody or you cant trust anybody to teach you, you can't trust anybody's course, you have to learn on your own (Which I think is totally crazy since there are so many experienced traders out there that could show you how to succeed.) I mean if you want to be a Doctor the first place you go is to Collage. You don't go to youtube and learn on your own. It's just crazy to me.

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