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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Thank you for most recent comments. Forum rules prevent me from responding in any material way, as they would be interpreted as Mike as "self promotion".

Highly doubtful -- that that is the reason. Big Mike is very very fair in this site.

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I can only say that nearly every line of your post is laden with misinformation, and in any other context would be considered slander and/or libel. Forum rules, again - prevent me from responding to any of them, as such a response has historically been taken down for "self-promotion". (it's tiring).

Again highly doubtful. Big Mike is very very fair in this site since even AMP tried to sue him...which was not cool. Now he is ultra ultra strict about following all rules and protocols. Which is great and if HE ( BIG MIKE ) tells me to edit or remove that post in anyway to comply fully with laws I MOST DEFINITELY WILL. But as it stands it is my FREE SPEECH and ( TWO ) it was my experience of having used the product a few years ago. SO REALLY THE ONLY THING YOU CAN SAY IS THAT IT IS MY EXPERIENCE OF THE SOFTWARE FROM A FEW YEARS AGO AND MAYBE YOU HAVE UPDATED IT SO SO MUCH THAT IT IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. BUT I have seen your more recent videos and your software looks exactly the same.

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I am a degreed Mechanical engineer with over 5 design patents.

Ok -- that is great. Design IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING has nothing to do with STATISTICS, EXPECTANCY or quantifying risk. Some Mechanical Engineering projects could definitely have that -- like quantifying the risk of some earthquake happening at the site of an Skyscraper and possibly bringing it down -- but it is still not the same as trading.

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Father to 3 amazing and beautiful children. Husband to a woman I don't deserve. Assistant scoutmaster to 15 kids I've watched grow up in front of me...a former Eagle Scout and lifetime NESA member. I build a pretty good pinewood derby car (last year we won 2nd place in the county).

Okay -- what has that have to do with trading? That has nothing to do with trading or a project.

Hitler could have had kids.

And that is great that you have kids and all ---- BUT THAT IS NOT IN QUESTION HERE and never was.

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I live in East Bend, NC - because after the day before 9/11, my father died from congestive heart failure having been denied a heart transplant from a lifetime of taking Lipitor to function. My mother died 6 months later from lung cancer - refusing any treatment at the time because she loved my father so much she really didn't want to live without him. They were 58 years old.

I moved my family from NY to NC to be far away from planes flying into buildings and subway bombers. And to start fresh, far away from some pretty painful memories and some horrible people.

Ok... That Sucks ... it really does. Unfortunately that happens to every family.

Also planes flying into buildings and subway bombers >>> hardly happen. They are extremely statistically unlikely events. They are definitely more statistically prone to happen in New York and other globally known cities but only slightly higher. But ok fine.

I also don't like HUGE HUGE cities that much.

Still there are a ton of other damn good cities to move to -- but whatever.

Anyway -- you shouldn't be wasting your time responding to these reviews.

You should be using your time and money to make a system that actually works instead of looks good or interesting. Because that is all Flux is ... just interesting but unfortunately very very weak. At least in MY OPINION. It simply does not work -- without a system that actually WORKS.

If I have a system that ALREADY WORKS.... then... why give you $2,000 for your mortgage and non-existent trading skills.

I will EDIT THE ORIGINAL REVIEW to state >>>> that I traded your 'system' a few years ago just to be 100% accurate. But again I see you haven't really changed it from what I can tell --- sooooo.....

Take care and have a good day.

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