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Hi DrRumpy,

To answer your question on whether Vendors should trade their own Systems, here is my history and take on that.

I started trading (with my own money) in 1987 and had three hard years, like most amateurs I struggled and could not make any system I purchased work. I then found success and put together 3 very good years. I then moved to become a professional fund manager with a City Trading Firm, but this only lasted 9 months as the company I was working for ceased trading. I then went back to trading my own money. This continued until I launched MTPredictor in 2001. I did this because although I was making a good %, when you only have a small amount of trading capitol, all my profits were just paying for living expenses.

Since 2001 I have been focusing on software development and Customer support. But I have been missing trading, so I have recently started trading (with my own money) again. So yes, I do trade my own money using my own software.

But none of this was in Emmett 's review because (as I said in my last post) he never bothered to download our software or read our web site fully or contact me with any questions.

However, what I have found is that it is very very hard to focus on full time trading while providing full time customer support and all the other things that being a software developer involve. I will give you an example. I was recently short a lovely TS3(HG) short on the YM, but I had to take a Customer support call, so I moved my stop to break-even (too early), I then got stopped out for break-even only to watch the trade reach its target where I should have taken a +7R Profit.

So I think this is why so many vendors don't trade, it is not because they can't or that they don't believe in their own system or approach, it is because their priorities have to be to their Customers and their Company, and not their own Trading.

So to be so hard on vendors (like Emmett seems to be) I think is unfair. As I said in my last post, I think each person should take their time and evaluate any new system they are interested in. Ask questions, do their research and see whether it fits in with their own style of trading. But just to blanket every vendor who does not not trade themselves with a bad review is too harsh and not fair as this belittles what many vendors are doing for their own Customers. As you say - As long as vendors are honest about what they are doing and don't make false claims, then that should be OK for prospects to be able to evaluate what they offer.


Steve Griffiths
MTPredictor Ltd

Thank you for sharing your personal insights. It sounds like it is more profitable to sell software or services than trade.
I am reviewing the MT software comments and videos based on a member here who believes in the concepts behind the software, so this comment is not negative towards the software author.
The first question everyone should ask, is why is so and so running a trade room, or selling indicators, or mentoring, if they really are a profitable self sustaining trader? I suppose there are varied answers, some legit. On the other hand, there must be many who really are trading sim.

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