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Making a 100 a day

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A lot of great answers, mostly what I expected to hear, thanks for time! I just want to clear a few things up. I HAVE been trading on a live account, its just not funded, so its live data and I just record my entry and SL very strictly for each trade. For stocks it was fidelity and for futures its MT5 platform sense I trade forex with MT4. So the data feed is real, I traded 3k in forex before when I first started and learned a ton about emotional investment and how to prevent it. I plan the trade and trade the plan, I know some times I'll be stopped out at 6 ticks rather than my 5. Then it shot up 70 ticks, but that's the name of the game, But more times than not, I'll be hitting my 15 target, so once in a while I get stopped out right before a win, but trading the plan and planning the trade keeps me clear of being blinded and changing my SL or TP to fit current market because of a bad trade. I wanted to throw that out there, not trying to be a jerk or defensive just giving information.

Thanks everyone! Feel free to keep the replys coming, I like to hear new insights!

I think most would assume live means with real money not the data feed. Since you have mentioned the account wasn't funded, it's presumed to be a sim account or even paper traded by hand written notes.

Anyway, as someone else already mentioned, commissions and fees should be accounted for every trade in the math of your expectancy before using real money.

I don't think it's impossible to grow the 1,000 dollar account but all the possible issues mentioned by others posted are still a variable.

Not sure how successful you were in the forex account but if you were, why not invest the same amount in the futures account? You can effectively make risk per trade less than 2% by doing so and give it some breathing room. Given that the method was sim tested for at least 300 trades of course.

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