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Making a 100 a day

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I go by ticks, so say it's 1 tick contract, I go for 15 ticks to win anf 5 ticks to lose. So I could lose 3 times and win 1 and break even.

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The biggest drawdown my trading plan has had was 4 losses back to back.

Please excuse my confusion, but the two observations above can't be talking about the same trading method, surely? With a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3, the longest losing run will clearly be way higher than 4 trades.

With a 25% win-rate, over a series of about 600 trades, the chances are around 50/50 that you'll have a consecutive losing run of 20 or more trades.

Not that "longest losing runs" are the real problem, anyway: "long losing patches" are far more common (by which I mean "series of consecutive results including mostly losers and a few winners which are financially equivalent in their overall outcome to a long losing run of consecutive trades").

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I see no issue taking that 5% risk.

Risking 5% of your account on a single trade would require the certainty of an enormously high win-rate to be plausible or sensible. It's not something I've ever heard of a long-term successful trader doing.

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I'd just like opinions, past the risk 5% of my account and emotional part sense like I said i would not be attached to the money and have experience with live trading, what's stoppong from making a 100 a day if it worked out as stated above?

With apologies for sounding so negative (which I know I will), the ideas of (a) trading futures with a $1,000 account and (b) making a 10% daily return on your account are both absolutely "dreamworld stuff".

Neither will be anywhere near possible for you. Not now, and not in future, either.

I urge you to read a couple of beginners' trading books about the basic math of trading and position-sizing before opening even a sim account.

After that, I'd also strongly advise you not even to think of trading futures with a funded account until you've collected together and analyzed carefully (after first learning how to do so) the outcomes of an absolute minimum of 300 consecutive trades on a sim account. Whatever you think your overall win-rate and longest losing run are.

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