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Debating on Elite Membership; Need Indicators Coded in C++

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Apologies for the delayed rsponse.

Hey man. Reading that I'd encourage you to hang around and read what you can. Since I am not sure the difference ask @Big Mike, our host and very knowledgeable screen trader, what the difference is.

Also consider that your background will be a tremendous asset to many participants here. I am certain that you will find someone with the specific skills you need to build out automation of appropriate areas of your method...someone that has a need for resources that your experience could provide. I'd almost guarantee a quid pro quo of that sort in short time here.

Of course I have two ideas. Read the posts of or reach out to @artemiso . Also on the neural network side search up a guy named Earik Beann, pronounced Bean. He is brilliant, legit, and probably accessible. A platform that he developed called Wave 59 had/has the most enticing work on the topics you have mentioned that I have ever seen available to the retail side of the street.

Be well and trade well.


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Dan, thanks for your post and feedback. I should have also given more of my background and experience, as well as other issues I am interested in, but I did not want to make the first post too long. I have a background as an institutional fixed income portfolio/mutual fund manager/muni bond trader for 15+ years and have a Masters in Financial Engineering. I also spent a couple of years at the CBOT dabbling in options trading before attempting to develop a systematic futures trading program.

I have came up with a discretionary system that I can paper trade for profits everyday, but when it comes to my real account, I vastly underperform. I need to get over the mental block there and would be looking for help to overcome it. While I have tried to automate this system and have not been able to, there are other areas I would like to explore such as deep neural networks that I feel have real possibilities of profitable automation and would be willing to collaborate with others in this area, in addition to sharing any of my other experience and knowledge with those on the board.

It would be nice to be able to take a sneak peak at the Elite board like you can do with the books at Amazon; look at the Table of Contents and some sample pages from throughout to determine if the book is at the level or the topic you are looking for before you purchase. I have been at other boards such as the proprietary one for Neuroshell users, the quant-based Nuclear Phynance and other trading boards. Some are dead, others have gone from useful discussions to members just arguing with each other. The $100 isn't that big a deal, I'm just trying to get an idea if the board is the "right fit".

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