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Debating on Elite Membership; Need Indicators Coded in C++

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It would be nice to be able to take a sneak peak at the Elite board like you can do with the books at Amazon; look at the Table of Contents and some sample pages from throughout to determine if the book is at the level or the topic you are looking for before you purchase. I have been at other boards such as the proprietary one for Neuroshell users, the quant-based Nuclear Phynance and other trading boards. Some are dead, others have gone from useful discussions to members just arguing with each other. The $100 isn't that big a deal, I'm just trying to get an idea if the board is the "right fit".

It's an understandable question.

I don't know the exact numbers, but the overwhelming majority of posts are by Elite members, and a huge percentage of these are in the Elite-only section.

So essentially, if you have found what you have seen so far to be of value, there is more of the same on the Elite side.

As far as coding help, there are coders here, but generally they code for the NinjaTrader platform, which is in C#, not C++, and, in any case, the coder is writing to a particular interface. For example, if one writes a particular indicator for NinjaTrader, basically one is going to be making use of the functionality that NT exposes. You would have to depend on a vast amount of existing functionality in order to just get a line plotted on a chart, unless you wanted to write an entire charting application from the ground up (no one does.) So basically, you would use C#, just because Ninja uses it, to tie together existing Ninja (and Windows) functions and control the logic flow, etc. You would not really be writing the indicator "in C#," but "for NinjaTrader, using C#."

The same goes for writing an indicator "in C++" -- you're going to write it in some particular language, but for some particular environment, which will be providing most of the basic tasks of accessing and charting the data, etc.

(I hope this is not too elementary for you; if this is all obvious already, I apologize.)

I honestly have no idea how to interface with Neuroshell, and the fact that I can write C++ (which is very similar to C# in some ways) would not be that much help, without that knowledge.

I would say definitely that there is nothing being published using Neuroshell, and, while there have occasionally been projects for neural networks, they have not been any sort of major focus.

There are several members who do automated systems, which can be coded in Ninja and most other major platforms, although Ninja, of course, does not use any form of neural networks.

I hope I am addressing your concerns. I don't want to overstate what is available. In general, the vast majority of the members are simply traders, at various levels of skill and experience, and you can usually get some good interaction on a trading level. While there are coders here also, this is not principally a technical programming site, and most are going to be consumers rather than producers of code.

With all that said, almost everyone who joins as Elite seems to like it (or maybe I only know the ones who didn't leave ....)

Basically, if you're trading, you probably will find something here. If nothing else, different slants on trading topics. For example, probably the most common issues that traders have is this one you mention:

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I have came up with a discretionary system that I can paper trade for profits everyday, but when it comes to my real account, I vastly underperform. I need to get over the mental block there and would be looking for help to overcome it.

It's about the most common thing you will see discussed, and there are trading journals where traders work at it, with varying success. Probably most attempt to deal with their mental/psychological issues in a discretionary rather than automated way, although not always.

I hope this is useful to you. Unfortunately, this is a case where the Table of Contents and the sample chapters just aren't given.


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